Dental Cleanings in Prairieville, LA

Dental Cleanings in Prairieville, LA

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Brushing and flossing are essential oral hygiene practices that help keep your teeth and gums healthy.  However, they are not enough to fully keep harmful bacteria from building up on your teeth.  At Prestige Dentistry, we recommend you visit us for a professional dental cleaning at least once every six months. 

What Is Cleaning? 

Dental cleaning or prophylaxis is a procedure that we perform to remove plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth.  They can form and accumulate in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth, making them difficult to reach with brushing and flossing.  The primary benefit of professional cleaning is that it helps reduce the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. 

What Is Involved in Cleaning? 

During your visit, you will be asked to sit comfortably in our dental chair, after which our dentist will perform a visual exam.  Next, we will use an air jet to remove any tartar or bacteria adhered to the surface of the teeth.  This ensures that the cleaning process is more effective.  Then, we will use scaling instruments to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth.  We may use hand scaling or ultrasonic scaling, depending on your dental condition.  Scaling is often accompanied by ultrasonic vibration.  This helps remove plaque and tartar efficiently, as well as reduce inflammation and bleeding in the gums.  Lastly, we will polish your teeth using a water-based gel to make them look brighter and whiter.  We may also prescribe fluoride and antibacterial agents for maximum effectiveness.  

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Benefits of Dental Cleanings

Dental cleaning has several benefits: 

  • Regular dental cleanings can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, thereby keeping your smile healthy and bright.  
  • Professional dental cleanings help improve your overall oral health by removing harmful bacteria from the mouth.  
  • This dental cleaning procedure can save you money by preventing more extensive treatments in the future, such as root canal therapy or tooth extraction.  
  • Dental cleaning helps ensure that you maintain proper oral hygiene habits at home by reducing plaque buildup in the mouth.  
  • Dental cleanings help eliminate bad breath caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.
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