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What type of teeth whitening services do you offer?

There are several options out there for whitening teeth. With so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one's right for you! At our office, we offer the best options that provide something for everyone. The right choice depends on what result you are looking for.

One common treatment for teeth whitening is whitening trays. With whitening trays, we begin by taking an impression, or mold, of your upper and lower teeth. We then make you custom clear trays in the office that are an exact fit for your teeth.

The trays act as a reservoir for the bleaching material. Dr. Oza checks the fit of the trays to your mouth and gives syringes of bleach gel for you to take home. This option is convenient because you wear the trays with the gel at home, and can wear them frequently to get the right shade you want.

For those wanting a more drastic and quicker result, an in-office procedure with Pola whitening is another option. This visit takes about one and a half hours and involves four eight-minute applications of bleaching gel.

This gel is a higher strength than the gel used for take-home trays. After the in-office procedures, you are given bleaching trays and gel to take home and use to maintain the shade reached.

An even quicker result can be attained with the KöR whitening system. This is an in-office procedure also that is customized based on the amount of staining you have and the desired result.

Dr. Oza can sit down with you to discuss the various options and figure out which procedure would be best for your specific situation. 

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