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Do you treat emergency patients?

A dental emergency can really impact your life and cause great pain. Luckily, your team at Prestige Dentistry is here to give you relief from pain and get you back to normal. Our office can see you the day the emergency occurs.

Common emergency symptoms, like a ‘hot’ tooth with a cavity that has reached the nerve, can be treated with either a prescription to get you out of pain immediately or treating you the same day. If extraction is needed, Dr. Oza and staff can usually do treatment immediately. If there is an active infection or an abscess, an antibiotic and pain medication can be prescribed, and we can get you in as soon as possible to begin treatment.

Another emergency such as a chipped front tooth can be an embarrassing sight. We understand that getting your smile back as soon as possible is important. In this case, we would evaluate your condition and fill the tooth that day if possible.

If your emergency happens during business hours, just call us at (225) 673-0445, and we will fit you in that day. If it's after hours, just leave us a message and we will promptly return your call. We will see what needs to be done to get you comfortable and get you in as soon as possible to evaluate the problem area. 

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